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5. Apr. deinem Paketboten zahlen kannst. Ich hab bis jetzt nur kleinere Sachen bei dx. com bestellt, aber war immer zufrieden mit dem Shop. 1 Kommentar 1. Hilfreich. Unsere Redaktion recherchiert gründlich Testberichte und Meinungen aus allen DealeXtreme, abgekürzt auch DX, ist einer von Chinas ersten Anbietern. Alles zur Bestellung bei Dealextreme bzw. Lieferzeit, Versandkosten, mögliche Gebühren beim Zoll und zahlreiche User Bewertungen und Tests.

In short, it is very high quality, but except for the wideangle, none of its extremes are extreme enough. If you want an inexpensive, do-everything lens, I would recommend the Sigma over this lens.

It is not very expensive, is smaller and lighter, focuses closer, and has a much more useful telephoto end. I find its image quality to be about as good.

I have only used the lens briefly but every good thing I read about it appears true. I have not had any problems to report.

It takes really sharp pictures and focuses almost instantly. As an aside from this review, I highly recommend that you pickup one of the D70s kits before they are all sold out.

For my large hands, the D70s is a much better fit than any of the newer models except the D If you read the DPReview of the new D80 and see the photos comparing the D80 and D70, to my eyes the D80 only has larger photos which would be relevent for prints larger than 8x I am aware of the other D80 features, but for me the SD storage was the deal breaker.

First and foremost, this is an excellent kit lens and it covers a very useful normal for nice, wide landscapes as well as pleasing portraits minus the small aperture around that range.

Stopped down, the lens becomes a very good performer. Flare and ghosting is well controlled and the lens reproduces colors nicely and vividly.

Mine copy is starting to show signs of wear though after 2 good years of use , as the lens will no longer retract to 18mm if I am zooming out from 70mm.

It hits 24mm and stops, and I must make a slight turn in the opposite direction and turn it back before it will retract to 18mm.

Slight barrel misalignment error but it has not affected the sharpness of the lens. For most people, this lens and a telezoom would be everything that they would ever need.

Initially buying a Sigma zoom for my new Nikon D50, i quickly returned it and I traded up, paying a bit more to get this Nikon For the money, i consider it a great buy.

And it seems a fairly light lens for the decent quality it can deliver. It focuses fast and quietly. This lens has a perspective equivalent to a mm lens in 35mm terms.

The optical quality is very good certainly better than other kit lenses and once you stop down the lens a bit, you even excellent results at 18mm.

This is not the fastest lens in terms of aperture, but considering the price of a 2. The biggest problem is the 67mm diameter, which can make filters quite pricey especially circular polarizers.

If I had had enough money for a mm 2. I recommend it wholeheartedly. I got this with my D70s kit. It is an excellent bundled lens and it has served very well as an all round lens.

I have shot beautiful landscapes and portraits using this lens. It is a little soft at 70mm, but at 18mm, its a beauty.

Autofocus is fast just like the other AF-S lenses and it has no problems in tracking moving subjects such as cars and bikes even on my D70s.

I can imagine it being better on more expensive bodies. This is my most used lens. It has a great range and is nicely weighted for all day use.

Image quality is very good at all focal lengths and all apertures. It gets very sharp in the f5. Autofocus is very fast and near silent.

CA is low, but can show up in high contrast areas or backlit situations. Distortion is medium barrel to very minor pincushion.

Build quality is quite good considering the price. Whenever I need a lens for general shooting or traveling, this is the lens I take.

I have read good and bad remarks about the lens mostly good, though. In any case, my Nikon is excellent in every way: I own a D and decided to run this lens through the typical battery of testing through the various focal lengths and apertures.

I did not find anything whatsoever to complain about. I also own the Nikon 50 1. Obviously the lens is slower and would prevent use in low-light conditions without flash or higher ISO settings maybe VR would be cool to have.

Trust me, if your copy is as good as mine, you will be completely happy with the I am, and I highly recommend it! I would love to have the VR, but who knows when I will ever see one as Nikon has told dealers month delays, too bad: I would love to have one of these.

Until then, I am happily shooting with my on my D as my main lens. This is the lens that came with my camera. I was never a big fan of this lens.

I needed something that would handle low-light situations better and the lens was never as sharp as I would have liked so ended up selling it.

A very respectable kit lens but nothing more. It will suit most people most of the time but if you intend on venturing beyond the cafe strip you might run into trouble.

It has a troubling amount of give extended at 70mm. This is a great medium telephoto lens. Before i bought my first camera i did tons of research and found that this particular lens always had good reviews and many people recommended it.

The quality of this lens is far better than i thought. And its very portable, its a small lens but bigger than the I think this is the best medium telephoto lens for this price.

When I made the leap to digital and I really leapt, selling my s bodies; burning my ships so to speak , I was just going to buy a D70 body, but standing in the store, I decided to get this lens so I would have some wide angle capability.

Funny, because I was only getting the D70 so I could use all my old lenses, but this lens is so ridiculously practical that I use it a lot.

I mean, really a lot. As a travel lens, I just love it. I will likely eventually get a faster wide zoom, but if I was going to be stuck somewhere for a couple of weeks and could only have one of my current lenses, this would be the one.

Received this as a kit lens with my d70s and it has been an excellent performer. Not as well constructed as a pro lens but pretty good for being plastic.

The mm focal length is a great zoom and has lots of reach for a small zoom. Couple this with a mm telephoto and you have a great set for everyday use.

The standard kit lens that came with my D70 and has served me well. I do find than now after almost 2 years of use the focus and zoom rings are getting gritty and rough.

The lens still produces sharp images and is very compact for the focal range. Still a "slow" lens when full zoomed out to I have even put a rather large "chip" into the front element along the filter ring.

Due to removing a stuck filter. The chip is horrendous looking, but the lens still performs well with no distortion or loss of image quality.

For a "cheap" Nikor lens it certainly has worked well for me. Very nice kit lens. Sharp, moderate distortion much better than Canon IS , and light.

If you like macro, look at Sigma or instead. Its optical performance is superb and it is built well enough that it can take a few bangs and bumps - I have put mine to that test accidently while mountain hiking.

It is on my D all the time because if I want to grab a camera and be able to cover almost anything with success and no lens changes, this lens is my choice.

I recently purchased this lens to upgrade my g. The , while no , delivers similar IQ with a very nice build at a quarter of the cost.

The first thing that surprised me when I purchased this lens is the build. The lens has a nice feel to it, and inspires confidence.

The zoom ring and manual focus rings are nice and smooth and the manual focus override is a nice touch. This lens really fills out the frame of the D50, and gives it a nice professional look.

So how does it perform? Focus is fast, if you are not used to a real AF-S lens as I was , be prepared as this thing focuses quickly and silently.

Considering the max aperture is 3. Build quality and fit on the D70 are impecable. I even had the misfortune to have a drink spilled on mine, and it remains very functional.

This is in no way, shape or form a pro lens. However, it is a great starter for anyone entering the DSLR world and wants a flexible outdoor walkaround lens.

This is my most used lens because of its useful focal range. I traded my kit mm for this lens and the only thing I regret is not doing it sooner.

Its better build quality alone to me is worth the higher price. I have a few outdoor shots where the corners are slightly darker.

I need to stress the word "siightly. My favorite part about this lens is the AF-S. I never noticed it until I got a 50mm 1. As mentionned before, this lens is a the perfect basic companion of the D70 - it is a sturdy, well designed lens, with all that what needs to start having fun!!

As part of the kit, it is definitely a grat advantage of the D70, especially now that prices are dropping. AF is great, optics are more than fine for a lens.

Of course, one cannot expect the quality of primes, but considering its size, price and zoom range, it is well above average!!

There is quit an important amount of vignetting at 18mm ; ok, this can be easily removed through software, but one cannot use the images straight out of the camera.

I would prefer it if it could be a bit more wide angle, but well, it is an all around lens ; also, the widest settings are a bit difficult to set finely.

Will not work with film cameras Comments: This is very nice DX lens from Nikon. Using it with a film camera body will produce pictures with severe vignetting.

The mm lens has a very usable zoom range although most will probably want a more length of course, we almost always want more zoom power regardless of what lens we are using!

It is sharp, contrasty, and keeps distortion under control. Overall, a very nice lens from Nikon that I would highly recommend. I bought mine used, for a D This one is likely to become my walk-around lens!!

This is a very good "walk about" lens on a DSLR. Colors and sharpness are as good as can be expected. The only bad thing I can think of in terms of image quality is the barrel distortion at the wide end.

You really have to watch where you place the horizon in the frame or take care of it in post processing. I sometimes miss a closer minimum focussing distance.

Nothing bad to say about this lens, delivers what it promises. In good lightning results are very good.

Good value choice for midrange zoom, if you have too much money I would imagine that better can be found. However, this lens has proven to be very versital.

They have become meaningless, as admitted by DPR. I managed to read the whole review without really noticing the score ie, if you had asked me, I would not have been able to tell you what it was.

Incredible how a lower performance camera in can get almost the same votation of the higher performing NX1 2. Perhaps that would have helped samsung selling its cameras?

Who knows, perhaps not, but it would be nice to be evaluated correctly compared with other cameras reviewed here.

It is what it is I guess. A mark that for some that has meaning and for others is flawed. I put more weight on the individual categories shown in a histogram format.

But still there is extensive subjectivity to the reviews. One side is much lighter than the other. Just forget about this comparison until they reshoot the RAW test.

The D is a very capable camera that could benefit from better live view tracking and a fully articulating screen.

The D got a complete upgrade, it just happens to be called the D What difference does it make if the D had been called the D and the D was called the D?

Everyone is deciding "downgrade" simply based on the name of the D XXTwnz, true it makes no difference how a new camera called.

But the D is a true update to the Ds It has nothing to do with the D series only the D shares some features of the D The sun starts to come out after a long winter, flowers are blooming and bears come out of hibernation.

April was a pretty busy month in the camera industry, including some real blockbuster announcements. The winners of our "best for Simply put, these cameras are the cream of the crop right now.

Aimed at sports shooters it promises improved AF, including advanced subject recognition, along with the highest-ever rated image stabilization system.

The Nikon Z6 may not offer the incredible resolution of its sibling, the Z7, but its excellent video quality and faster performance make it an impressive camera at a considerably lower price.

These entry level cameras should be easy to use, offer good image quality and easily connect with a smartphone for sharing. Panasonic has released full details of its two pro-oriented full-frame mirrorless cameras.

While we wait to get our hands on a fully testable camera, take a look at some initial shots. The cheaper Lumix DC-S1 is geared toward photographers with serious stills and video needs, offering It lacks the impressive resolution of its sibling, but the Lumix S1 looks to offer plenty for the photographer who needs serious video and stills capabilities.

Take a look at some of our initial sample images — shot with pre-production firmware. The new 50mm 1. After being liquidated back in Bowens is back in business with the launch of its new XMT strobe.

Ricoh has announced a pair of Pentax K-mount lenses: Both lenses will be available in February. Lomography is cutting the variety from the same sheets as its 35mm version of the repurposed German cinema film stock.

SwitchPod is a new take on handheld tripods, such as the Job Gorillapod, that transforms shapes in seconds to go from handheld to freestanding.

No full frame, no way. Photo chemistry manufacturer and supplier Tetenal Europe GmbH is reportedly set to close up shop after a prolonged search for new investors failed to secure its future.

The footage shows dry ice bubbles, slime, burning metal balls and other objects filmed from varying angles, using creative lighting, slow motion and other effects.

Irix has released its latest collection of filters designed to reduce the warm glow of sodium lamps that line city streets. Submit a News Tip! Best cameras and lenses Nikon D, speed and capability comments.

Image Quality 9 Analysis: Body, Black, Base In stock. Juniour I am new in this line of photography, but was thinking of buying a D and I wont have to upgrade in the future.

StoneJack Pardon me, but serious video is manual focus only and Nikon can deliver stunning video in manual and sometimes even in autofocus modes.

Duncan D to admin: Richard Butler Could you be more specific? Great review and images. Anyone knows if the D tracks as well as the D?

Ebrahim Saadawi So if I want to use this for video: The 25 and 35mm range could be covered by the mm. Just deep DOF and slow.

Skyscape They could just hire you as their professional consultant. Duncan D The nikon d is exposed to the left instead of the right like all other cameras in the ISO variant test.

IdM photography DPReview should give separate final scores for photo and for video Nuno Saldanha agree, and we are talking about cameras, NOT camcorders, so that changes a lot your conclusions, specially when the Cons are almost all about video aspects.

Dan DeLion Hell, if you want a body with only one card slot, no grip for handling long lenses in sports applications, no Ai-s tab for using older lenses, a reduced resolution sensor, and the replacement of metal with plastic — the D is the perfect camera for you.

XXTwnz The D has all those things and more so if you need professional features then buy the professional camera. Ross the Fidller deleted. Paul Petersen As a shooter the has some features not mentioned in summery that I think are really useful that you overlooked like the power aperture for video shooting, highlight weighted metering, face detection in OVF and touch af selection on screen.

Deliverator 16 x 2. There are various good options that will get you this wide. Samyang and Rokinon both make manual focus 14 mm primes that are much cheaper than the Nikon.

Or, there are the wide angle zooms like the Tokina , the Nikon , the Sigma , etc. Hasa The Samyang 8mm fisheye would seem like the widest wideangle possible for 4K shooting?

Photography Matters Typo watch: Viperpr Crummy video autofocus? Maybe it was a mistake. ZJ24 Can someone who shoots DSLR video professionally help me out here - I never quite understand the emphasis on autofocus with video in these reviews.

Peter Albinger I clicked on the compare mode and scrolled down to Sony. Why would that be? PeterWor Just got it last night, late, opened it up, to find that there is NO built in GPS, you either have to buy on of two Nikon accessories, or have it tethered to your smartphone.

Average User "Ultimately, we feel Nikon executed the D with near-perfection. Michael Why is there no selector to toggle between 4K and video resolutions?

Hasa I repeat myself: Doug 66 Just got back from a long trip with the D A few comments, mostly to counter items found in the review: Average User I especially like these comments because Doug66 actually had been using the camera enough to report experience with it.

Hasa A point with two sides to it: IdM photography Yep, the mm F4 is very sharp Michael The camera manufacturers like to use dots instead of pixels, because it sounds more impressive.

Average User This is totally a guess: Yossarian1 Blink - Yeah I would have loved that too but you are suggesting would most likely be commercial suicide.

Doug 66 Keep in mind that not everyone starts from the same place. Hasa Hi, forget about the raw comparison shot.

Sensor08 I just want a D with the AF and adjustable user controls of this one But that would make too much sense. Sensor08 WS would in principle be relevant, and I would accept some extra weight for it.

The D weighs g. Then again, I used to shoot with a D1 g! BlueBomberTurbo The bigger grip makes all the difference.

CyeJoeBob The european price policy for the D is just ridiculous. Ruekon This week Japan and Europe made a free trade agreement.

Eloise The UK price is about right King Penguin Yes you can. Retzius d lenses work just fine. XXTwnz It has an in-body focus motor.

D lenses work fine. GabrielZ My misunderstanding, I see how it works now. Yossarian1 It got a gold award. Anyway this scoring system is really flawed IMO.

Yossarian1 It is what it is I guess. Alx XXTwnz, true it makes no difference how a new camera called. You may also like. More about gear in this article.

Best Gear of Panasonic S1 pre-production sample gallery. Panasonic S1R pre-production sample gallery. The best pocket printer in Nikon Z 50mm F1.

The best camera bargains of The best lenses for Sony mirrorless cameras. Feb 1, Feb 1, first impressions. Feb 1, 35 video. Feb 1, camera news.

Panasonic Lumix S1R pre-production sample gallery. Feb 1, 48 sample gallery. Panasonic Lumix S1 pre-production sample gallery. Feb 1, 14 sample gallery.

Panasonic launches 50mm F1. Feb 1, lens news. Bowens is back in business after liquidation with its new XMT strobe light.

And they look and perform great on the Df. Overall I think owners of the Df, myself included, have an appreication for the camera the younger shooters wont appreciate.

But with the added convienience and quality of digital. Younger shooters were raised on LCD sceens, not that the Df is lacking, but with the added "traditional" dials it adds to the fun.

The thing I really took a liking to right away was you can tell exactly what the settings are just by looking down at the top and not have to thumb through menu after menu.

Exposure compensation is way easy to adjust and is overall a joy to work with. Not to mention alot of the older lenses can be used.

Nikon has really out done themselves on the design, with exception of the strap lugs. I wish they were a little further back, and a but more grip.

Perhaps on the Df2, the can add a second SD card slot and make the grip a little beffier. Overall though the Df is a joy to own and shoot.

I would say speak for yourself when it comes to "getting fed up If you are happy with an amateur camera like the D, whatever floats your boat.

I have waited for a camera like this for a long time, I use my D as nothing more than a digital version of my F2 so this fits in perfectly. It is absolutely my favorite Nikon ever, digital or film, even the beloved FM2n.

I still have a few AF lenses, and I use them sometimes. But if I want to do "enjoyment", it has to be one of my MF lenses. I got rid of my longest held lens, a mm f2.

I have a mm f4 that came from an estate sale. It had never been used. The lubricant was so dry I had to send it to Nikon to be cleaned and re-lubed.

I now have what is essentially a new mm f4 that was built in , and it is probably one of the highest quality lenses on the planet right now. It fits the Df so well and works so well, it is pure pleasure to use.

The Df made this kind of thing possible and even desirable. You take your time, and you just enjoy every moment with it.

Nikon user for 30plus years digital since D Very pleased with my Df. I have been using a D and love the image quality Logic said that the Df should be good as it uses the D4 sensor etc.

I also like the solid feel, the compact size and lighter weight But it is image quality that really matters and as to be expected from the D4 sensor this is first rate.

So here is one very pleased Df user and one D for sale! I have subscribed to the view for awhile that chasing pixels is not important as getting pixels that perform, the Df provides the optimum.

A Most Excellent Camera. THE perfect FX camera for my landscapes. No plastic mold feel, wishing it felt just a little bit better.

The best of all worldssmall and tough and great sensor. It is simply amazing. If something were to happen to mine, I would immediately buy another Df black body for fear Nikon might decide to make it a short-run product.

I played with a Df in a store but they knew squat about it, and got edgy, so I walked. I like to use primes wide open in lots of situations, so aperture priority is nice.

Sony A7 looks like the sole alternative as I can buy an adapter for my Nikkors, and its full-frame also. Kind of sorry I sold my 85, but it always was a bit short and a bit soft.

When I get the body nailed, I might look for a - how does yours shoot on the Df? So why have you gone off the EM10?

They should should call it OMD10 and be done with it! I have just been looking on this site: The equivalent of the OM What amazing value those were really at the time.

I have great nostalgia for those old 35mm cameras, though using film is getting more and more tricky, unless you have your own established darkroom set up.

I own 2…thrilled with these cameras…. A real man is not worried about the camera design, but simply does what has to do - using camera for photography: Whether it has rainbows and pink giraffes stamped all over it is of no consequence to usability and image quality.

I will replace my FM 28, 35, 50, and The FM body is good because you can shoot for depth of field and focus, change the speed for available light, then frame, all without looking at the camera controls.

Seems both the Df and OM-D can do this. Once lost, never regained. I bought the OM the following week. I ended up with a couple of nice used OM-2Ns and some lovely Zuiko lenses.

Nikon stuff is good, and I really appreciate their backwards-compatability. Still have a FM-2 for infrared film.

I like the D but it is very complex and I am still not fully adapted to all the functions and settings. Maybe the Df will do better. Love the size, weight, image quality and high ISO.

Great for discreet shooting, and ideally balanced with my old 1. Not a camera for the general public nor for the techies, but if judged on its own merits IMO quite a little gem.

The Df is definitely NOT ugly. I started shooting Nikon back in with a Nikon F The Df is perfect for me. I can use all my lenses, plus the newer digital lenses that I have also purchased for my first digital Nikon.

Absolutely beautiful concept and camera in the world of products designed for manufacturability and main stream thoughtlessness, coming from the company known for catering to people who know.

Ordering with 85mm 1. Saw it in the store. As of last month, Df is still in short supply in Japan. I loved how the camera felt in my hands at the reveal here in Croatia back in November and now I look forward shooting a wedding with it to see how it performs in the real situations.

Personally, I love the retro appearance will opt for a full black one, dough and the possibility of having the D4 sensor for half the price is just great.

Retro look, what retro look? I have been using Nikon cameras for 45 years and I have never seen a Nikon like this, it looks weird and boxy.

You want to make a retro Nikon then stick to the Nikon F or F3 body style, these cameras fit in your hand like a globe. The Df failed in that category.

I still find it laughably ironic on how many reviewers complain about the locked exposure compensation dial But this point was raised and explained months ago.

I saw this camera in real life a few days ago. The touch and fell and its look reminded me of a Chinese knock off of a Rolex watch you can buy in Canal Street.

I have no doubt the image quality is outstanding, yet the main reason someone should buy this camera over a D4 is the look, touch and feel.

Nikon failed to provide exactly on those 3 points. The camera is a far cry from the original FM2 which it is inspired from.

Also it is too big for no reason. The Df is slightly better at high ISO lowlight shooting than the D4, and the Df can be set to shoot more quietly than the D4, so those are reasons to use the Df instead of the D4.

The Df is of course also lighter and less expensive than the D4, so those are two other reasons to buy it instead of the D4.

Making things smaller and just as functional costs monies. Note that the Leica M is thicker than the Leica M6.

I love this camera! The dials are a bit tricky at first but give a lot more satisfaction when shooting. It is a camera for people who like to tinker and adjust and play while shooting the perfect shot - not guys who take shots and then choose 2 out of them.

Nikon gave people who clamoured for it a retro camera. For my kind of work aerial photography I need 3 camera bodies.

I have a D3, D3x and a D4. Since I have the Df I never leave home without. I now own two, they are lighter, far quieter, smaller than the D I sold my zooms and the best feature is that with fast AIS lenses, I can easily focus on the ground glass…I never use Auto Focus, far faster to focus on the ground glass.

I hardly look at my menu and the overall body construction is superb…I have shot for 42 years and this is an exceptional camera for travel, coverage of events, weddings…the high ISO quality is exceptional…use the camera and you will love it It also matters if the best dynamic range also dependent on the lens is really important to you.

Will be looking hard at the Df Oh! Who needs 64 models vs. Does it make the shutter pusher any better. It still works, even today.

Digital is nice for those who have to see if the camera really worked and the capture is there. While the world moves on.

I do not want to be a troller or such. Maybe I do not understand Nikon philosophy because I do not own one. However, as much as I admire Nikon effort in producing exceptional cameras, I do not find myself a single all rounded camera to fully satisfy me for all conditions.

Nikon made a tonne of bodies lately but i do not see a single do it all camera, that I would be ready to grab for all occasions.

Also the resolution is at its minimum these days landscape? D is too much resolution and a tad too slow for all condition gear.

The D sounds promising, but the AF is not quite up there. Really the D was THE camera of choice although a bit low in resolution. Really I would not know what to pick right now for an all condition camera from Nikon.

If somebody is happy with a crop sensor I guess the D is excellent, but a no go for me. This was also true back in the film era. I think mp is a nice range for full frame MP count.

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Ich wurde komplett verarscht, habe x-mal urgiert und auf zwei Bestellungen nie was bekommen. Keine deutsche Übersetzung Support nach chinesischer Uhrzeit. Dealextreme ist einer der ältesten Chinashops mit viel Erfahrung beim Onlineversand. Eine Tracking Nummer wurdevergeben, so das man es verfolgen konnte. Berechnungsgrundlage für den Zoll ist der Warenwert incl. Vielen Dank für deine Stimme! Sollte trotzdem einmal etwas nicht in Ordnung sein, profitiert der Kunde von mehreren Garantien. Ich hab bis jetzt nur kleinere Sachen bei dx. Habe Ware immer erhalten, Lieferzeit ist ca. Leider kann ich die Seite http: Wie viele andere hier, habe ich meine bereits bezahlten Bestellungen nie erhalten. Auch auf E-mails wird nicht reagiert. Ich warte nun schon bald ein halbes Jahr dass ein defektes Gerät repariert wird, oder ich das Geld zurück bekomme Was DealeXtreme besonders macht Über Der Expressversand ist immer kostenpflichtig, aber auch etwas schneller. Aber auch beim regulären Bezahlvorgang die die Bezahlung über PayPal möglich. Wer keinen Account bei Dealextreme hat, kann auch einfach mit Sendungsnummer und E-Mailadresse die Bestellung tracken. Bestelle seit mehr als 6 Jahren bei dx. Ich kann nur abraten dort zu kaufen! Eine gute Alternative zu Dealextreme.

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  1. Bralkis says:

    Entschuldigen Sie, was ich jetzt in die Diskussionen nicht teilnehmen kann - es gibt keine freie Zeit. Ich werde befreit werden - unbedingt werde ich die Meinung in dieser Frage aussprechen.

  2. Kalar says:

    Wenn auch auf Ihre Weise wird. Sei, wie Sie wollen.

  3. Bratilar says:

    Sehr gut.

  4. Tashura says:

    sehr neugierig topic

  5. Taule says:

    Wen kann ich fragen?

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