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The Anatomy of the Roulette Wheels

Just as there are different types of roulettes, there are also various kinds of roulette wheels. They may not have huge differences, but they still have their own characteristics. Distinguish the games through the wheels.

Whether you have played the roulette or not, you should already have an idea the objects that are intended for the game. These include chips, which will be given to you when you make a bet, ball that is made to drop on the table, and the roulette wheels that are made up of slots.

However, there are a wide variety of roulettes, so this means that there are also various kinds of roulette wheels. Getting to know them will help you determine the game you are playing as well as the rules that you need to follow.

American Roulette Wheels
The roulette wheels in the American version are composed of 38 slots. Their numbers range from 0 to 36. Unlike the traditional roulette wheel that does not have any real explanation for the distribution of numbers, an American roulette has. The digits are classified to make sure that there will be a balance between the odds. You will also notice that American roulette wheels that the numbers are colored either black or red and that they alternate. Moreover, an odd number should be placed opposite to an even number that is higher than the former. If there are two odd numbers, they should be before or after two even numbers. The sum of every pair in the American roulette wheels is usually 37 or 39. There are two numbers that are not red or black but green. These are the zeroes.

European Roulette Wheels
Considering that roulette comes from France, it is only fitting that there is a European roulette wheel. They are also considered to be the standard wheels. There are also 37 slots, but they are numbered between 0 and 36. Moreover, these numbers are also either black or red and are arranged alternately. However, there are no defined series that is being followed. In the right side from zero, which are usually numbers from 10 until 32, you will find that 9 of them are black that are small and the rest are red, which are huge numbers. On the left side, which is between 5 and 26, there are 9 black numbers that are huge and 9 small red ones.

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Where Does the Difference Lie?
Now, these two roulettes have their own subvariations, each with their own rules. Still the roulette wheel is the same. There are two major differences between American and European roulette wheels. The former is more organized, since numbers do follow a certain pattern. Also, it contains an additional slot, which is designated as 00. The other, on the other hand, follows random distribution of numbers.

There are also French roulette wheels, which are very similar to those of European roulette. The only minor difference is that the former has a wider table layout. Players will also not be given with colored chips but cash chips.

Before the game, players should make a bet, predicting the outcome of the spinning roulette wheel. They should exactly determine where the ball will land among the slots.

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