Casino Affiliate Programs – Who should you really promote?

Casino affiliate programs have become increasingly difficult to differentiate. Far too many organizations have used the term ‘certification’ to give potential new affiliates a warm feeling about a particular program without truly verifying credentials. There are a number of criteria that make an iGaming affiliate program exceptional in the industry, but that criteria should not depend upon paid placement. With paid certification clogging the internet and clouding affiliate judgement, it is no wonder affiliates are finding themselves marketing for free when predatory organizations terminate contracts without pay.

Affiliate Guard Dog is the only organization on the internet that provides a true certification for casino affiliate programs. In AGD’s Casino Affiliate Forums, an affiliate can quickly see which programs are certified and which have predatory practices. The determining factors are simple: The Terms and Conditions (affiliate contract) MUST be affiliate-friendly, The program MUST pay it’s affiliates on time, and the program must have proper, timely communication with their affiliates.

The Casino Affiliate Forums at AGD are the place to get unbiased and HONESTLY certified casino affiliate programs.

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